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George Goddard

Born: 1808.

Place of Birth: Compton, Surrey.

Died: 1878, Surrey.

Parents: James and Elizabeth Goddard, nee Cooper.

Marriages: Ann Hart, 26th December 1828 at St. Nicholas Church, Compton, Surrey.

Children: Caroline 1830, Elizabeth 1832, James 1834, Mary Ann 1836, William George 1838, Elizabeth 1839, Martha 1840, George 1842, Henry 1845, Alfred 1847,  Emily 1850, and Eliza 1850.

Occupation: Agricultural labourer.

Notes: George's christening record shows the family name spelt as Goddard. Whilst searching for the birth records of George's children, it was discovered that on the christening records found for Martha, George and Alfred, that their family name was spelt Godard (single 'D'). George was probably unable to read, therefore could not check the spelling on the church record.

In the 1851 Census, Elizabeth Hart from Devon aged 74, aunt of Elizabeth, was living with George and the family in Compton.