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Born: 1848.

Place of Birth: Bradford.

Died: Believed to be 1909 in North Bierley, Yorkshire.

Parents: Abraham and Mary Todd, nee Hurst.

Marriages:  Three possible marriages, ? Smith in 18??, John Swaine in 18?? and Edward Roberts in 18??. She married Henry Simmonds on 15th November 1874 at Wibsley Parish Church, Bradford.

Children: Emily Swaine 1867, Mary Elizabeth Swaine 1868, Mary Elizabeth Roberts 1869, Ruth Ann Swaine  Roberts 1870, Charlotte Roberts 20 March 1872, Abraham Henry Simmonds 1875, Henry Simmonds 13 March 1878, Thomas Edward Simmonds 1882, Charles 26 November 1884 and Emma 1889.


Notes: On the birth registration of Mary Elizabeth Swaine,  Hannah's details were Hannah Swain formerly Smith. On the Birth Certificate of Charlotte Roberts, registered by Hannah in Bradford on 16 April 1872, Hannah gave her address as George Street West, Spring Hill, Birmingham. She gave her name as Hannah Roberts formerly Smith. On Henry's Birth Certificate her name was given as Hannah Simmonds late Roberts formerly Todd. The birth was registered by Henry's father. No details have been found regarding Hannah's marriages prior to Henry Simmonds.

In the 1871 Census, Hannah was living with Edward Roberts, Mary Elizabeth and Ruth Ann Swaine in George St West, Birmingham. The census form states that Edward was born in Denbighshire, Wales, his occupation being a printers compositor. Ruth Ann Swaine Roberts, passed away in Birmingham at the end of 1871. Edward Roberts passed away in Birmingham in the first quarter of 1873.

In the 1881 Census Hannah and the family were living at 11 Aeolus Street, Bradford. Her daughters Mary Elizabeth and Charlotte are listed as being Simmonds, not Swaine and Roberts. In 1891, the family were living at 21 Hare Street, Bradford. This was the address shown on daughter Charlotte's marriage certicate. The same is true of daughter Mary Elizabeth Swaine in her marriage details.

Hannah Roberts