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Born: 1841, 22 March.

Place of Birth: Birmingham.

Died: 1913, Litchfield, Staffordshire.

Parents: Nicholas and Sarah Pitch, nee Jones.

Marriages: Martha Hughes, 2 October 1862 at St Chads, Litchfield.

Children: John Henry 1864, Samuel 1865, Mary Ann 1868, James 1872, Sarah Jane 1875, Henry 1877, John 1880 and Emma 1885.

Occupation: Blade maker (1861 Census), Gardeners labourer (1911 Census).

Notes: In the 1841 Census the family were living in Baggot Street, Birmingham. In the 1851 Census they had moved to St John Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire. They were at the same address in the 1861 Census. They were living in Flowers Row, Lichfield in the 1871 Census. In the 1881 Census they were in Gresley Row, Litchfield. In the 1891 Census they were back in St John Street, Lichfield. They were also in St John Street in the 1901 Census. Whilst in the 1911 Census they were at 2 Winkleys Row, Litchfield.

John Henry got involved with the law in 1863 when he was accused with two other men of poaching. They were fined 20 shillings or 21 days hard labour. Again in 1864 he was charged, but acquitted of obtaining 2 shillings and 6 pence by means of false pretenses. In 1892, John and his wife Martha, were called as witnesses in a case of arson at the Greyhound Inn, which was close to their home. The accused, one Sarah Foden, had called them to help extinguish the fire.

John Henry Pitch