Thomas Crathorne

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Born: 1582

Place of Birth: Crathorne, North Yorkshire.

Died: 1637, Crathorne, North Yorkshire.

Parents: Ralph and Bridget Crathorne, nee Yaxley.

Marriages: Catherine Richart 1605.

Children: Ralph 1604, Edmund 1604, George 1606, Bridget 1608 and Catherine 1610.


Notes: The Yorkshire Crathorne's had strong Catholic beliefs. Following the changes in the law, after Henry 8th's split with the Roman Church, laws were enacted requiring Catholics to give up their faith and attend Church of England services. Those who refused were taken to court and fined. Many Yorkshire Crathorne's fell foul of these laws, including Thomas, who was in court in 1634.

If you have a PDF reader on your device, read 'The Crathorne family of Kings Norton' by Patricia Simpson. This gives the background of the Crathorn/Crathorne/Craythorne family from their roots in North Yorkshire.