Henry Simmonds

Born: 1854. Baptised 10th December, Compton, Surrey.

Place of Birth: Compton, Surrey.

Died: 1899, Compton, Surrey.

Parents: Thomas Simmonds and Elizabeth Neal, nee Atfield. On Henry's birth certificate he is noted as Henry Neal and his farther is noted as William Neal.

Marriages: Miriam Russell, September 20th,1879 at the Parish Church, Farncombe, Surrey. On the marriage certificate Henry gave the name Simmonds.

Children: Miriam had a daughter Emily, prior to marrying Henry. Children with Henry were Elizabeth Amy 1880, Harry 1882, Sarah 1886, Mary Ann 1888 and Thomas 1891.

Occupation: Agricultural labourer.

Notes:  In 1861 Census, Henry was living in Compton with his mother, step brother James Neal and brother Thomas. In the 1871 Census he was again living in Compton.  In the 1891 Census, Henry and wife Miriam were living in Compton together with granddaughter Emily Russell. In the 1891 Census, Henry and Miriam were living in Compton accompanied by their daughters Mary Ann and Sarah. With them were Emily Russell, now referred to as a niece, together with Annie Russell and Tily Dench, also nieces.

All the children were registered as Simmonds, not Neal.

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