Thomas Simmonds

Born: 1851.

Place of Birth: Compton, Surrey.

Died: 1918, Buried in Shackleford, Surrey, 23rd November.

Parents: Thomas Simmonds and Elizabeth Neal, nee Atfield. On Thomas's birth certificate, he is noted as Thomas Neal and his father as William Neal.

Marriages: Emily Nash, 17th April, 1877, at St Mary's Church, Shackleford, Surrey. On the marriage certificate Thomas gave the name Simmonds.

Children: None.

Occupation: Farm Bailiff.

Notes:  In the 1861 Census, Thomas was living in New Road, Compton. In 1871 Census, Thomas was living in Compton with his mother, step brother James Neal and brother Thomas. In the 1881 Census he was living in Huntsmore Bottom, Godalming with wife Emily. In the 1901 Census, he was living in West Sussex with wife Emily. In the 1911 Census he and wife Emily were living in West Sussex.

Thomas's wife Emily was the daughter of William Peter Nash, born 1805 in Petersfield, Hampshire and Mary Ann Ede, born 1828 in Guildford, Surrey. He married Mary Ann in 1849. Mary Ann was William's second wife, the first being Mary Salter born 1806.

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