James Jones

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Born: 1762. Baptised 14th February..

Place of Birth: Rushall, Staffordshire.

Died: Australia.

Parents: John and Mary Jones, nee ?

Marriages: Esther Capper nee Mountford, 21st October 1798 at St Chads, Litchfield, Staffordshire.

Children: Thomas 1800 and James 1802.


Notes: James was sentenced to be transported for seven years, in 1802. The sentence was for stealing Onions. Following his time in a  prison hulk at Portsmouth, it seems James was conscripted into the Royal Africa Corps (RAC).

What was the RAC? The Royal African Corps (RAC), which was stationed in the Cape Colony, was an unusual regiment in its composition, functions and the way it was regarded and treated by the social and military establishment of its time. It was composed largely of ‘permanent punishment men’ who either had criminal records or who were considered to have criminal inclinations. It was also a multi- ethnic unit, including both Europeans and Africans within its ranks. Despite the anomalous title describing it as a corps, it was actually a regiment consisting of a single battalion varying in size from 400-700 men.