Henry Stanley 4th Earl of Derby
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Born: September 1531.

Place of Birth: Lathom, Lancashire.

Died: 25th September 1593, at Lathom House, Lancashire. Buried in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

Parents: Edward Stanley 3rd Earl of Derby and Dorothy Howard.

Marriages: Lady Margaret Clifford at the Palace of Whitehall, 7th February 1554.

Children: (1) Margaret Clifford, Edward 1557, Ferdinado 5th Earl of Darby 1559, William 6th Earl of Derby 1561 and Francis 1562.  (2 not married) Jane Halsall*, Henry, Thomas, Ursula and Dorothy

Occupation: 4th Earl of Derby, Privy Councillor, diplomat, politician.

Notes: *After some eight years of marrigage, there was a falling out between Margaret and Henry, which meant they generally lived apart. From about 1570 he lived with Jane Halsall.

The relationship to the Simmonds family is via the marriage of the Edward Stanley 3rd Earl of Derby, c1509 to Margaret Barlow c1515. The Barlow family is linked to the Mouette family, via the marriage of Jean Samuel Mouette 1770 to Mary Barlow 1762. Elizabeth Rose Simmonds 1885, married Harry Ernest Mouette 1886.

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